Colin Dodds

Recipient of the 2010/11 Shirley M Wong Award in Education Secondary (Business Education, 2011)

Colin DoddsAfter graduating, I started running after school programs for vulnerable youth through the Vancouver School Board’s Community Schools program. I’m also tutoring, writing sections of a high school accounting textbook, and creating educational music videos.

As a teacher with a business education specialization, I taught accounting during my extended practicum. I was inspired to write a song about accounting after chaperoning a high school dance and hearing all the music the young people listen to these days. The accounting song, “Debit Credit Theory” , became a way to review key accounting concepts, and challenge the unfair perception of accounting as a dry subject. After writing the song, it seemed only natural that a video should go along with it. I created several more business education songs, all of which will be getting their own video in the next year. The album, “Get Down to Business”, is available on iTunes, and all music videos are on YouTube.