Claudia Buffone

Admissions Officer (Secondary) for the UBC Teacher Education Office Secondary (2003)

Have BEd — Will Travel!

Claudia BuffoneToday’s employment market is a global one and a BEd degree from UBC can take you places that you never dreamed you would go. I now work in the TEO as an Admissions Officer (Secondary). I graduated with a BEd in 2003 and within a year not only had an offer to work as a TOC in Vancouver, but was also hired to work at a Charter school in Calgary, and in the public school system in the Bronx, New York. I wanted a chance to hone my teaching skills, however I also crave challenge and adventure, so the decision of which offer to accept was an easy one for me to make.

Manhattan was my home and the Bronx High School for Medical Science was my workplace for three years. My work there was truly meaningful work and I always say that the children taught me as much as I taught them. Working as an Admissions Officer in the TEO allows me to continue using my teaching skills while encouraging others to join an essential and exciting profession.

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