The practicum includes a full-day course starting in September (the Pre-Practicum Experience), followed by a 2-week school placement, which usually becomes the setting for the 10-week Extended Practicum.

School-Based Practicum

The teaching practicum is an exciting part of the Bachelor of Education program because it is the time when teacher candidates put theory into practice alongside an experienced teacher. Initially, emphasis is placed on gradual orientation to the school setting. After this acclimatization period, the focus shifts to meeting the challenges of an increased teaching load and added responsibilities.

Practicum Placements

Elementary teacher candidates are assigned to a particular geographic area associated with their selected cohort.

Every effort is made to place secondary teacher candidates in one of their two requested school districts. However, requests are dependent on several variables, including timetable and teaching subject. Be prepared to accept the placement deemed appropriate for you by the secondary practicum coordinator.

Practicum Dates

View practica dates for the BEd program in the Calendar section of the website.

Practicum Guidelines

Everything you need to know about your in-school teaching practicum. This guide includes information for teacher candidates, as well as school and faculty advisors.


Practicum assistance and advising are available for all teacher candidates. Drop by the TEO, or contact a practicum coordinator by phone or email.