Pathways in UBC’s Montessori Educator Program (2017/18)

For those interested in becoming a Montessori educator, please see the 2018/19 UBC Introduction to Montessori Education Pathway page for details.


The American Montessori Society (AMS) credential (ages 6-12) available through the Centre for Advanced Montessori Studies of Vancouver (CAMSV) requires 600 hours of course components (CC) and 1080 hours of practice (P).

Effective for 2017/18 Teacher Education Program

DatesDescription:Course Component (CC) Hours:Practice (P) Hours:

Pre-BEd Program:


Enrol in Centre for Advanced Montessori Studies of Vancouver (CAMSV) online Foundations course (details will be emailed to cohort members).26 hours (CC)
August 24: Complete online course
August 28 – September 1: Montessori orientation seminar 26 hours (CC)

During BEd Program:

September – March
(Terms 1 & 2):
Montessori seminar (weekly on campus)26 hours (CC)
October 20 - 21: Montessori professional development8 hours (CC)
January:Montessori professional development (Saturday: TBA)4 hours (CC)
September – June: Montessori-based practica 490 hours (P)

Post-BEd Program:

Professional pathways (not affiliated with UBC)
August 2018 (Optional) Post-BEd week long seminar26 hours (CC)
Continue Montessori coursework through summer institutes, online courses to complete remaining course components.393 hours (CC)
Teach in a Montessori classroom to complete remaining practice hours.590 hours (P)
Successful completion of American Montessori Society (AMS) credential.

May be laddered into post-graduate studies in Montessori Education, e.g., St. Catherine's University, Xavier University (online).
509 hours (CC) total1080 hours (P) total