Montessori Cohort (2017/18 Only)
Bachelor of Education Program

For those interested in becoming a Montessori educator, please see the 2018/19 UBC Introduction to Montessori Education Pathway page for details.


About the Montessori Cohort

Teacher candidates selecting UBC’s Montessori stream are interested in developing a preliminary understanding about the Montessori approach to education — a child-centred approach wherein children develop cognitively and socially through direct experience within their learning environment, learning independently but with guided support from their teacher.

Children develop independence and take responsibility for their own learning in a multi-grade grouping, guided by a teacher who emphasizes use of Montessori materials and the Montessori curriculum in a non-competitive, prepared environment. Subjects are integrated through project-based and cooperative learning. Teacher candidates will work with children aged 6 to 12 in Montessori classrooms in public schools throughout the Lower Mainland.


Testimonials from Teacher Candidates:



All candidates in the Montessori cohort complete a pre-BEd-program online Introduction to Montessori Foundations course that can be completed at one’s own pace between May to August. Those who wish to have their BEd program recognized towards continuing Montessori professional development will register in an additional 6 credits of Montessori coursework and one on-campus course at UBC during the week prior to starting the BEd program in September. These courses, together with the BEd coursework and practica, will be recognized as partial laddering towards an AMS credential should the teacher candidate wish to continue their professional development by enrolling in an AMS-affiliated Montessori Teacher Education Program. Please see the Certification Pathways page.

Once admitted to the BEd program, teacher candidates may select their cohort/option when they register in May. Prior experience with Montessori is not a pre-requisite. A registration information package will be sent to all with more specific details.