Alumni Teacher Award

The UBC Faculty of Education Alumni Teacher Award was established to highlight the significant impact UBC education graduates are having on teaching and learning in schools and communities throughout BC, Canada and beyond.

Past recipients:

Dr. M.J. Moran, 2015 co-recipient
BEd (Elementary) 1990, MEd 2002, EdD 2008

John David Nicks, 2015 co-recipient
BEd (Secondary) 1998, MEd 2002

Scott Ormiston, 2014 co-recipient

Cheryl Sebastian, 2014 co-recipient
BEd (NITEP) 1980

Harpreet Dhillon
Harpreet Dhillon, 2013 recipient
BEd 2000

Justin Borsato
Justin Borsato, 2012 recipient
BEd 2000

To learn more, visit the Faculty of Education’s Alumni page