2018 Murray Elliot Service Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Teacher Education Program

This award honours full-time and sessional faculty, staff and other persons associated with the Faculty of Education who have made an outstanding contribution to the Teacher Education Program at UBC.

The recipient will receive a plaque along with a Pendleton blanket. In addition, the recipient’s name will be displayed in the Faculty alongside other recipients of the award.

The nomination package should include 3 letters of nomination that address the following criteria:

  • The recipient will have shown exceptional dedication, leadership skills, and commitment to the ongoing improvement of the UBC Teacher Education Program over an extended period of time.
  • A detailed overview of the nominee’s accomplishments and/or contribution to the Teacher Education Program.
    Nomination in one year does not restrict the individual from being nominated in subsequent years; however, an individual may only receive the award once.

DEADLINE: September 28, 2018

Nominators are encouraged to submit nominations earlier in September if at all possible.
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2017 Dr. Marianne McTavish
2016 Jo-Anne Naslund
2015 Dr. Jan Hare
2014 Dr. Margaret Early
2013 Dr. Linda Farr Darling
2011 Dr. Sydney Craig
2010 Dr. Wendy Carr & Brenda Lamb
2009 Dr. Gaalen Erickson
2008 Dr. Anthony Clarke & Dr. Margot Filipenko
2007 Dr. Deidre Kelly
2006 Dr. Elizabeth Jordan
2005 Dr. Frank Echols & Dr. Kit Grauer
2004 Dr. Joe Belanger
2003 Dr. Charles Ungerleider
2002 Dr. Marilyn Chapman
2001 Murray Elliott

Nominations must be submitted to:

Dr. Marianne McTavish

Associate Dean of Teacher Education Office
Chair, Awards Committee (Murray Elliott Service Award)
Teacher Education Office
103-2125 Main Mall, Vancouver, V6T 1Z4