2018/19 Education Students’ Association

The Education Students’ Association (ESA) builds community for all teacher candidates in the 2018/19 BEd Program.

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President: Dan Northgraves
Dan is the main spokesperson for our association, running our general meetings and acting as the association’s liaison for the Faculty of Education.

Director of External Affairs: Kristine Canas
Kristine manages the WestCast conference proposals and selection process, and maintains our corporate relationships and sponsorships.

Director of Internal Affairs & Finance: Winnie Ho
Winnie oversees locker rentals, as well as regulating the budget for the year and keeping detailed financial records for the association.

Director of Administration: Sarah Allin
Sarah handles the correspondence for the association, as well as develops the agendas and minutes for meetings and schedules for office hours and responsibilities.

Communications Coordinator: Natasha Philibert-Palmer
Natasha updates the website for the association, coordinates publications and media releases, and actively promotes the ESA through media outlets.

Social Coordinator: Sharmila Miller
Sharmila organizes, coordinates planning, and promotes all the fun social and spirit events of the association, as well as she chairs the social committee.

Academic Coordinator: Samantha Gilbert
Samantha coordinates the academic affairs of the association, represents the interests and concerns of Education students and the association to UBC Senate, and promotes the Lesson Plan Database to the student body.

Graduation Coordinator: Grace Hu
Grace organizes the year end graduation banquet, collaborates with the Director of External Affairs to obtain sponsorship for the grad events, and chairs the grad committee.

Sales Coordinator: Julie Hyunh
Julie establishes inventory of promotional items, develop a marketing schedule and plan to promote sales and manages ordering, payment, and delivery of new merchandise.

AMS Representative: Derek Bennett
Derek maintains a dialogue with colleagues about AMS issues and advocates with the AMS for Bachelor of Education students.

Ombudsperson: Tazmin Mitha
Tazmin provides impartial and confidential assistance and representation to students in the program to resolve conflicts, to access services, or to ensure that they are being treated fairly and in accordance with UBC guidelines.

Athletics Coordinators: Nisia Minicucci & Grace Hu
Nisia and Grace promote the participation of all education students in UBC’s Intramural sports programs and events, and promote mental health and well being by collaborating with UBC clubs (yoga and meditation) and the UBC wellness centre.

NITEP Representative: Nora Stogan
Nora ensures the perspectives and experiences of UBC B. Ed Indigenous students are heard, as well as promotes incorporation of Indigenous perspectives and knowledge into the Bachelor of Education program as a whole.

Bette Shippam provides support for the Education Students’ Association at the Teacher Education Office.